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Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster

The top has been blown off this sleek muscle car. The design of the $320 sports car is stylish and aerodynamic. The doors are jackknife, adding a little attitude to this Lamborghini traditional vehicle. With a V-12 under the hood one can expect to be stuck to the seat. Keeping the design simple and sophisticated at the same time at a first glance you may not notice but this car is completely free of ornaments.

They decided to build a vehicle that was topless, yet didn’t appear to be. In order to make this specific design work and look incredible they lowered the windshield, black side sills located behind the door windows, and headrests. The roll bars in the work of art can not be seen. They are electronically activated and will pop up into deployment if a rollover is sensed.
The Murcielago Roadster at a glance is sure to make you want to look a little deeper. The most visible of the structural stiffeners would have to be the steel spider-web frame. This is bolted over the massive V-12 engine. For a little less weight you can have a carbon fiber frame installed instead for about an additional $4,000. When you are looking at the engine you will want to wear a bib! When you see the enormous V-12 engine in this beautiful car you can’t help yourself from drooling! Taking a look at the inside the Murcielago Roadster you can’t help but to notice the asymmetrical design of the soft leather seats.

As driving this six speed manual transmission you can shift with ease as you rapidly feel the g-force. Some may want to add in the option “e-gear” (clutchless paddle-shift) transmission for an additional $10,000. The Murcielago Roadster sticks to the road and gives an invigorating ride. With a great combination of power they have incorporated a larger-diameter front and rear disc braking system with eight piston calipers up front. This aids in a comfortable almost riding on air experience.

Since this V-12, 571 horsepower engine is so powerful one can expect to go from 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds, so be careful when accelerating. One can be sure when driving this car anywhere you will turn heads with its chic design, purring engine and sex appeal. It will be hard to find another vehicle that can come close in comparison to the Murcielago Roadster in design, comfort or handling.
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